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During this challenging time, I am very thankful that my printer in Winnipeg, Manitoba continues to do a terrific job printing my magazines and books, and my fulfillment partners based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and Mira Loma (California, USA) are operational and shipping daily. My readers and I are very grateful to their work and all the efforts of delivery and postal workers around the world. Please expect some delays in delivery due to varying conditions that change day-by-day.

I'm working from my home in Calgary, Alberta, getting new issues and books ready for release.

Thank you for your subscriptions and book orders.
Please take care and be well.

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publisher / editor / designer

Janine Vangool

UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for the creative and curious: publications that spark the imagination and inspire creativity. We're independent, ads free and supported by you—our generous and talented readers from around the world.



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Encyclopedia of Inspiration

An ongoing multi-volume set of books released in whimsical (non-alphabetical) order on all manner of creative and curious topics.

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Q+A with Meera Lee Patel REPLAY
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Q+A with Arianne Foulks

Readers Say…

I am sure this book is my absolute dream come true. Thank you for doing a divine job, for your warm enthusiasm in all you do and for the outstanding quality of your work.

Mireille F.

UPPERCASE is truly something amazing, impressive, beautiful.

Denyse Schmidt

Thank you ever so much for every issue of UPPERCASE. Every issue is ever so gorgeous, so full of inspiration and information, full of love and soulfulness!

Susanne W.