Gift Subscriptions

Select a Gift Subscription whenever you're subscribing or renewing on behalf of someone else.

If the subscriber's name and mailing address are different than the name and billing address, please use a Gift Subscription option.
Use the Gift Subscription option if you are subscribing or renewing for a colleague, friend or family member.


Each one needs to be a separate transaction since you can only use one shipping address per order. 
The recipient's address is entered in the shipping fields and yours in the billing. Thank you.


Select from one of these options:

Give a year (or two!) of inspiration, encouragement and creativity.

Please have the recipient's current and correct mailing information at hand. If you're renewing for someone, make sure you're using the same name as the original subscriber. You can only purchase one subscription at a time, so if you're subscribing or renewing on behalf of multiple people, please do a separate transaction for each recipient. 

Step 1

Select the gift subscription starting with the desired issue. If there are other items you want to ship to this recipient, please add them to your cart. These other items will be shipped immediately to the RECIPIENT’s address. If you want to ship something to yourself please put those in a separate transaction.

Step 2

From the drop-down menu, select an option according to your recipient's country. One-year subscriptions mailed in North America are $80, mailed internationally, they're $120. Our store and checkout is in Canadian dollars; your card will do the currency conversion. Our cart is secure and we do not see or save your credit card details.

Step 3

Proceed to the checkout process and enter your name, address and email address in the billing fields and include the recipient's name and mailing address in the shipping fields. If you added anything extra, the cart will calculate the shipping costs. You'll get emailed the tracking information if you're purchasing anything that is shipping asap. You will receive a confirmation of your order by email. If you want to purchase a gift subscription for someone else, just repeat. Thank you!  

Gift Subscription starting with issue 46.

(July-Aug-September 2020)
Gift Subscription Starting with issue #46 (July 2020)
$80.00 CAD

Gift Subscription starting with issue 47.

(Oct-Nov-December 2020)
Gift Subscription Starting with issue #47 (Oct 2020)
$80.00 CAD

Need a gift graphic? Use this graphic to print or email to your recipient.

Get your recipient's UPPERCASE library started with these back issues:

Add 3 or more back issues to your cart and save:

2 to 5 copies $15 each
6 to 7 copies $12 each
8 or more copies $10 each

Back Issue Bundle
$130.00 CAD
Summer Bundle
$84.00 CAD$64.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD
$18.00 CAD

Printable gift notices, wrap and tags

You can use these graphics to make homemade gifts, such as collages, recovered books, decoupage and whatever else you can imagine. (No commercial use or resale.)